"beautiful and poignant...He has the poetic quality of someone that has kissed the metaphoric Blarney Stone" Neil KIng, Fatea Magazine

"Jack Omer's music is like discovering a rich seam - it shines with authenticity. He is an artist who combines intensely moving lyric-writing with musical settings that have a memorable, inspired simplicity. That simplicity is the hardest thing to find in music - and Jack has it in abundance." John Harle

"A timeless and beautiful album" Legendary Engineer Phill Brown (Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Talk Talk)

"The gentle passion of Omer’s performing style is appealing, his delivery soft-toned yet slightly smoky, exhibiting traces of Donovan or Al Stewart perhaps...There’s some delicate instrumental playing on display here, which well matches the delicacy of the imagery and expression in Jack’s lyrics and the subtle mixture of folk, Americana and indie-country which characterises them...this is an attractive collection that reveals more with successive plays, and surely bodes well for Jack’s future status in the songwriting arena." Dave Kidman, NetRhythms